Key Focus Areas

Ingenjörsfirman Elmetric AB has committed to high ethical standards and encourage a culture of sustainability amongst its suppliers. Elmetric works with its suppliers in the areas of quality, environment, social responsibility, health and safety, and business ethics. This is part of our overall commitment to the Elmetric Code of Conduct. Elmetric expects its suppliers to have the same commitment to responsible business and therefore transfer these expectations to each of their sub-suppliers providing goods or services directly or indirectly to Elmetric.

Quality Management

Suppliers must agree to introduce and maintain a minimum quality management system according to ISO 9001, or equivalent third-party certification recognized by Elmetric. Certified suppliers must either send a copy of their quality system certifications to Elmetric or give a web link where to find them.

Environmental Management

Elmetric’ s environmental management principles also apply to its supplier. It`s an advantage for supplier if company which manufactures components have implemented environmental management systems complying with the requirements of ISO 14001.
Suppliers not yet having implemented ISO 14001 must at least have implemented an environmental policy and ensured that all operations and processes comply with relevant standards, legislation, and international conventions.

Social Responsibility

Elmetric’ s management principles for social responsibility also apply to its suppliers. Suppliers must ensure that all operations and processes comply with relevant standards, legislation, and international conventions.

Human Rights

Elmetric requests the following business practices from Suppliers:
• to respect the personal dignity, privacy, and rights of each individual.
• to refuse to employ or make anyone work against his or her will; and
• to prohibit behaviour including gestures, language, and physical contact, that is sexual, coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative behaviour.

Fair Labor Conditions and Child Labor

The Supplier will ensure fair labour conditions. In particular, it will
• refrain from employment discrimination based on gender, colour, ethnicity, religion, disability, pregnancy, union membership, political affiliation or sexual orientation and furthermore comply with all applicable laws on employment discrimination.
• respect the rights of employees to freely associate and bargain collectively.
• not use any forced or compulsory labour or involuntary prison labour and give all employees the choice to leave their employment freely upon reasonable notice.
• compensate employees fairly and follow local wage regulations and / or collective agreements and where these do not exist, compensate employees so they can at the least meet their basic needs; and

• recommends that working hours should not exceed sixty (60) hours per week including overtime, except for grave emergencies; employees should be allowed at least one (1) uninterrupted day off per week.
The Supplier will not tolerate or use child labour in any stage of its general activities other than in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. The Supplier will not use forced or child labour of any kind (the term “child” refers here to persons under the minimum legal working age of 15 (or 14 where local laws stipulate), or the age of completing compulsory education, whichever is higher).

Health and Safety Management

Elmetric’ s management principles for occupational health and safety also apply to its suppliers. Suppliers must provide and ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees. Suppliers should implement a health and safety policy and establish objectives to meet this policy. As a minimum, suppliers must ensure that their operations and processes comply with relevant standards and legislation.

Business Ethics

The Supplier will conduct its business in an ethical manner in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations. In particular, the Supplier will
• refrain from any and all forms of extortion and bribery.
• adhere to anti-trust and other competition laws, e.g. not participating in price fixing or bid-rigging.
• disclose to Elmetric available information about conflict of interest including disclosure any of financial interest of a Elmetric employee in any of the Supplier’s business. The Supplier will protect all confidential information provided by Elmetric and its respective business partners.