TMX-F Series

TMX-F Series


SounderNon-washable/washableDip SolderHigh SPLLow FrequencyAutomotive Use

※ Please request label type if you need waqshable.


Rated Voltage(V) 12
※ Mean Current Consumption(mA) MAX40
Coil Resistance(Ω) 180±25
※ SPL at MIN 10cm(dBA) MIN95(TYP99)
Rated Frequency(Hz) 850
Operating Voltage(V) MAX16
Operating Temperature(℃) -40 ~ +85
Storage Temperature(℃) -40 ~ +120
Mass(g) 9

※Value applying rated voltage(850Hz, 1/2duty, square wave)

Frequency Response


※applied voltage:12V, square wave:1/2duty, distance for measurement:10cm



unit:mm/housing material:PPE-M

Documents of the Micro Acoustic Transducers

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